Dance of the Mystic Blisscover art - Woman dancing in shimmering costume

Dance of the Mystic Bliss - our first new release

To be released May 26 2023! Recorded during a break in the Covid lockdown it features a stellar band and seven new compositions arranged by Michael Blake. He has also reinterpreted a few of his earlier works, including Merle the Pearl (Elevated) and The Meadows (Blake Tartare). The creation and production of Dance of the Mystic Bliss was funded through the support of Canada Council of the Arts.

Pre-release sales available now on Bandcamp!

Hellbent cover art - image of Michael Blake Hellbent - our fourth re-issue

We are happy to be reissuing Michael's 2008 recording, Hellbent. If you enjoyed his brilliant and critically acclaimed Combobulate and it's bold brass feel, you'll love Hellbent. Recorded live in Vancouver Canada on February 25, 2007 at Performance Works with Steven Bernstein on trumpet and slide trumpet, Marcus Rojas on tuba and G. Calvin Weston on drums. Dedicated to our father Francis Patrick (Paddy) Blake, this free spirited and uplifting recording is of a group All About Jazz described as "...hellbent on having fun and creating music that speaks to the heart and soul as well to the body and the mind."

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