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More Like US cover art - cup of cold water

We're pleased to announce our third project - More Like Us, Michael's 2006 follow up album to Blake Tartare caught the band at a high point when they would move between free improvised playing and Michael's tunes. This one also featured the Great Danes: Kresten Osgood, Soren Kjaergaard, Jonas Westergaard with singer/songwriter Maria Laurette-Friis, cellist Jane Scarpantoni and Steven Bernstein. Michael also plays a little clarinet and croons a low down version of The Slickers classic Johnny Too Bad

Our first new release will be 'Dance of the Mystic Bliss'. Recorded in 2020 during a break in the Covid lockdown it features a stellar band and seven new compositions arranged by Michael Blake. He has also reinterpreted a few of his earlier works, including Merle the Pearl (Elevated) and The Meadows (Blake Tartare). The creation and production of Dance of the Mystic Bliss was funded through the support of Canada Council of the Arts.

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